Comansa offers one of the widest ranges of modern Flat-Top and Luffing jib tower Cranes in the world. Customers in 5 continents have bought more than 15,000 cranes over nearly 40 years!!!

LINDEN COMANSA AMERICA is the American home of the most advanced tower crane offering a superior “original flat top modular” and luffing jib design combined with state of the art technology all manufactured to the highest standards found anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on the best product, service and support in the industry.

LCA is the exclusive North American Distribution and Service Company of the Spanish manufacturers of Linden Comansa Tower Cranes. There are over 80 years of tower crane experience within LCA. It is the goal of LCA to provide the best and most complete sales and service to our end users of tower cranes all over North America.

Today Linden Comansa cranes incorporate all the advantages of the original design plus the results of modern engineering and manufacturing technology. Constant research and development provides a safe, profitable and durable crane with the following product advantages:

  • Simple, fast erection due to elimination of pendant lines or cables and no cat-head;
  • Extended life time of the jib steel structure through use of the Flat top crane design, which reduces fatigue because members are only stressed in one direction;
  • Minimum overlap between cranes on crowded job sites is possible due to the absence of a cat-head or pendant lines;
  • Flexibility and ease of exchange of both structural and electrical components is provided by the Linden-Comansa modular design jib section system;
  • Linden-Comansa pin-jointed mast sections are easier to erect as well as maintenance free and can be broken down for transportation savings;
  • The Linden-Comansa mast panels are designed to rest on the corner angles of the mast sections, which ensures long-life in addition to fast, safe erection and dismantling;
  • The Oscillation Absorber in the Linden Modular 2100 Series has a counterweight that is freely suspended to allow faster and safer positioning of hook;
  • Frequency-controlled hoisting, trolley and slewing mechanisms provide completely smooth movements;
  • Linden-Comansa cranes are distributed in over forty countries in five continents.


Production Methods

Huge Transfer machines, CNC lathes and machining centers have replaced traditional machine tools in the Linden Comansa workshops, to give higher productivity and precision in all machining processes.

Total Quality: ISO 9001