2100 Series

The LC 2100 Series is formed by a family of tower cranes designed with all the advantages known and proved by LINDEN COMANSA’s Flat-Top modular system. In addition this series incorporates many innovations in the mechanisms.

In the LC 2100 series there are Six Flat-Top cranes (21 LC 335, 21 LC 450, 21 LC 550, 21 LC 660, 21 LC 750 and 21LC1050), with different versions depending on their maximum load capacity, which goes from 12 to 50 tonnes.

Crane Use
  • Modular concept in a wide range of cranes
  • Folding cross base
  • Fast, easy and safe erection with light elements
  • Short Counter-jib
  • Oscillation absorber (optional)
  • Frequency-controlled drive systems from 37 to 110 kW
  • New reeving system, with two trolleys
  • working radius up to 275ft
  • jib end loads up to 16,970lbs.
  • max capacity of 105,820lbs